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Departure level of Terceira's Lajes airport, the second largest airport on the Azores islands.
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N762NA Photo taken from the Miradouro General Humberto Delgado (mehr von N762NA)
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CS-TRC With SATA Internacional CS-TGV Airbus A310 in the background (mehr von CS-TRC)
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CS-TKO Overview Terceira Lajes airport with the terminal and apron visible. SATA CS-TKO A320 taxis to takeoff position while SATA Dash8 Q400 CS-TRG is standing at the apron. (mehr von CS-TKO)


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G-BYGD After making an emergency landing at Lajes due to electrical problems on August 24th 2009, this 744 is seen here departing back to the United Kingdom! (mehr von G-BYGD)
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N603AX During May and June 2011 we got a lot Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights operated by OAI DC-10's! Here is one of them landing on half width rwy33! Too bad these magnificent aircraft are disappearing from the skies... (mehr von N603AX)
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UR-82060 Third time at Lajes but it is always a big thrill to see the giant of the skies in my home airport. The AN225 stoped at Lajes for fuel during its long flight which start at UKKM, then LIMC where it onload its cargo, then Lajes and from Lajes to CYQX, then KBGR and finaly Wichita (KICT) in Kansas, USA where it unload. [Canon 350D + 100-400L IS USM] (mehr von UR-82060)
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N928NA "NASA 928" lining up runway 15 for departure. What a strange, but great looking aircraft!! [Canon 350D + 100-400L IS USM] (mehr von N928NA)
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86-0164 (LN) Stopped by the arresting cable, it's time for the firefighters to check if everything is ok before anyone else aproaches the aircraft!! [Canon 350D + 100-400L IS USM] (mehr von 86-0164)
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164997 (AX) Late arrival to Lajes, but yet a nice surprise!
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150521 Very strange antenna on the top of the fuselage!! This NP-3D belongs to the Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Three Zero (VX-30) "Bloodhounds", based at NAS Point Mugu, California. [Canon 350D + 100-400L IS USM]
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156528 "Navy PR-528" receiving fuel for another long flight. This ARIES II is assigned to the Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One (VQ-1) 'World Watchers', based at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. [Canon 350D + 100-400L IS USM]