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TF-AMK Blasting the spray off the runway, only just managing to lift off in time! (mehr von TF-AMK)
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TF-AMK charter for Irish fans for European Cup Quali Germany - Ireland in Stuttgart, this position is normally short after holding point for runway 07 but this full 747 needed the whole runway on his 25 landing to rollout (mehr von TF-AMK)


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TF-AMK Recieving pushback after bringing in Irish soccer fans for the EuroCup Qualifyer Match between Germany and Ireland in Stuttgart! (mehr von TF-AMK)
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TF-AMK A fully loaded classic 743 with Irish football fans...! (mehr von TF-AMK)
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TF-AMK just take off on runway 03 with the last light of the day. Look on the right side, the jumbo jet whirls up much sand during take off. On the left side some airliners are taxiing to the holdingpoint for runway 03. (mehr von TF-AMK)
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TF-AMK Special charter flight for the big football event. It's really amazing how many people like the 747. This picture is taken from Terminal C. When the 747 appeared in front of the terminal, about 20 people ran to the windows for taking a photo... Great! (mehr von TF-AMK)