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4X-HRU This is the first photo and unfortunately is probably the last photo of this unlucky aircraft. On October 14, 2017, this aircraft was involved in an accident in southern Israel. The aircraft landed on an "operating area" - a straight section of a narrow asphalt road running east-west, passing between the agricultural areas of Kibutz Sa'ad. Fortunately there were no casualties in the accident, but the aircraft is a total loss. That's what one can see these days from the remnants of this aircraft. (mehr von 4X-HRU)
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EC-ZKX c/n 03070/1853. New registration in db. (mehr von EC-ZKX)
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S5-PGC c/n 17ST456 Newest ultralight aircraft for "Letalski center Maribor". (mehr von S5-PGC)
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