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LN-TUJ With a typical Norwegian village in the background. (mehr von LN-TUJ)
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LN-WIA Widere operates a small hub at Troms airport with flights to 13 airports in northern Norway. (mehr von LN-WIA)
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LN-WFP While Wideroe taxis to takeoff-position, finally a few rays of sunlight came through the clouds. (mehr von LN-WFP)
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LN-BRH Taking off in colorful autumnal landscape in Norway (mehr von LN-BRH)
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LN-WFC On short final in this colorful autumnal scenery (mehr von LN-WFC)
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LN-WIM Widere operates a hub at Troms with flights to 13 airports in northern Norway. (mehr von LN-WIM)
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LN-RNO Typical weather in this season in northern Norway: a little rain, a little sun, and the result is a beautiful rainbow. (mehr von LN-RNO)
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Airport overview of Tromsoe, with a Norwegian 737 and some planes from Wideroe.
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LN-RNO Overview Tromso area, some seconds after departure from Tromso Airport. (mehr von LN-RNO)