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After a touch and go in Tulcan, we haeded back to UIO, in the left you can see a runway with same heading, IPIALES, colombia, jsut accross the border, which casues lots of confusion to many pilots coming to TUA.
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HC-BJI Isn't the area of Tulcan at the border with Colombia gorgeous? I think so too. This was during my first cross-country flight to Tulcan (SETU). (mehr von HC-BJI)
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PP-XJB Overview of the city of TULCAN in the border with colombia! (Olympus C-750) (mehr von PP-XJB)
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HC-BZU This plane would leave minutes after out EMB would leave. Both to UIO. . (Olympus C-750) (mehr von HC-BZU)
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This is TULCANS small terminal. My first time here. Also, these are some of the first pics ever in TULCAN. Note the people watching our plane. (Olympus C-750)
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FAE-637 This was so cool! I never thought id see this one here! Great (Olympus C-750) (mehr von FAE-637)
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PP-XJB Speed brakes up! Lots of power on reverse and braking. Very nice and smooth landing.. (Olympus C-750) (mehr von PP-XJB)
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PP-XJB Seconds before touching down a TULCAN. Its a very small airport with a rather short runway. No taxi way...... The turn before landing id so darn close to the city! And to enter the aproach you need to enter Colombian Air space. (Olympus C-750) (mehr von PP-XJB)
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PP-XJB First pics in over tulcan! The test flight was about to end and we descended for TUA! :-) (mehr von PP-XJB)