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UR-PSE First visit to AMS of this Ukraine International Airlines in new colors (Ex Aerosvit Airlines) (mehr von UR-PSE)
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N778LA Lan Cargo newest toy. Deliverd 22/10/2012. Seen on her first rainy visit at AMS (mehr von N778LA)
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N20904 In anticipation of the first commercial flight, a "testflight" and pilot handling was planned this day with the first visit of United's first B787-8 "Dreamliner". From Houston on final rwy 06 as UAL7708. (mehr von N20904)
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N776LA First 777F for LANCO - Linea Aerea Carguera de Colombia and first time visit at AMS. (mehr von N776LA)
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G-BNWI (cn 24341/342). YES finally landed in Colombia, after an 12,5 hour flight from LHR-CCS on flight BA 249. In the back you can see the gates, if you look closely than you see that Lan Chile stands at our gate C9 and AF at another unusual gate for them. Finally we would get gate C4. (mehr von G-BNWI)
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G-BNWI (24341/342). WOW! Beautiful green landscape with an overview of an part from the famous Colombian flowers industry! This is what you get, about 3 minutes before landing @ Santa F de Bogot - Eldorado International. (mehr von G-BNWI)
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HK-4302 (cn 48027/973) (ex Continental N37882 ). WCA first MD-81 on her way for a short flight to Medellin (MDE). WCA recently has changed their name into "WEST" and also introduced a new livery, can't wait to see it! (mehr von HK-4302)


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G-BNWI (cn 24341/342) (deliverd to BA on 18.12.1990). Beautiful green Andes mountains and a very nice blue see. This is what you get, 3 minutes before landing at Caracas Venezuela. Routing LHR-CCS-BOG on flight BA 249. This will be my last flight with BA to Colombia, they will stop service to CCS and BOG from the 6th of February 2005. Thank you BA for all those years to the north of South America. Muchos Gracias! (mehr von G-BNWI)
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G-BNWI WOW! Beautiful green mountains and landscape. This is what you see, 5 minutes before landing @ Santa Fe de Bogot - Eldorado in Colombia. For me this is always the best part during my trips to my lovely country! TE AMO COLOMBIA! Routing LHR-CCS-BOG on flight BA 249. (mehr von G-BNWI)
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HP-1520CMP (c/n 33707/1376). What a nice lady, seen here at Eldorado International. She woke up with the first sunshine of that beautiful day in Colombia! Within a hour she would depart to the "Cuidad of Panama". (mehr von HP-1520CMP)
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What a sunny day it was, normally Bogot is full of clouds! Nice overview from the entrance of the "Eldorado Terminal" and Tower in Santafe de Bogot, Colombia. Can't wait to see the new terminal in the coming years. In 2005 they will start their PLAN MAESTRO the beginning of a new Terminal and airport complex!
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N593AN This MadDog'83 is going to park at C3, the international gate of Eldorado. Sadly that this nice bird doesn't ware the Colombian registration nr. (HK-4167X) anymore. My 1st upload on PlanePictures! many thanks goes to Giovanni for the great time @ SKBO/BOG ElDorado. Muchos gracias!! (Canon S1) (mehr von N593AN)