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OY-VKD Thomas Cook charter flight DK 1513 leaving Crete Island nonstop for Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. (mehr von OY-VKD)
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OY-TCF Taxiing out to the departure runway on its way home to Billund (flight DK 1273). (mehr von OY-TCF)
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OY-TCD Holiday flight DK 1417 bound for Malmo entering RWY 27 for departure. (mehr von OY-TCD)
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OY-VKH A very elegant long-haul jetliner arriving to the beautiful holiday island Crete as flight DK 1684 nonstop from Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. (mehr von OY-VKH)
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OY-VKG c/n 349. Built in 2000 and delivered to Premiair. Ex My Travel Airways AS (mehr von OY-VKG)
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OY-TCH On final approach to runway 01 with very nice and different background. (mehr von OY-TCH)
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OY-VKF Permission from the lady for this nice photo! (mehr von OY-VKF)
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OY-VKD with a sticker "FlyPink - Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon" (mehr von OY-VKD)