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N99523 Nice Heli taken at an awesome hidden Alaska airstrip (mehr von N99523)
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VH-NXJ travelling to ANC i never ever thought to get a QantasLink B717. Rumors said it was bought by Delta for spare parts (mehr von VH-NXJ)
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LZ-EAH First pic of this new addition for Electra Airways. Seen here on a Nouvelair flight MIR - VIE - MIR. (ex. Ultra Air, HK-5402) Sorry for the rainy weather (mehr von LZ-EAH)
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HL8080 First pic in db, with new "World EXPO 2030 Busan, Korea" - titles applied (mehr von HL8080)
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N863GT despite the weather (plz excuse), that was amazing to catch. N862GT already on parking position with N863GT taxiing in. Meaning both last ever built Boeing 747`s ever to catch in one frame, i was never expecting! (mehr von N863GT)


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N626AS very first pic of N626AS as a fully converted freighter with Alaskas new colors applied (mehr von N626AS)
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D-AGLO first pic in db of this Global 7500, the new addition to the K5 fleet (mehr von D-AGLO)
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OE-LZN The very first Airbus A320Neo for Austrian on delivery to Vienna after paint at Bratislava with additional "Less noise. Less CO2" - sticker (on both sides) (mehr von OE-LZN)
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J-3085 Thank you and "flat eric" ;) for that amazing display at airpower 2022 (mehr von J-3085)
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N18NN first pic of this reg in db of this stunning looking GlobEx XRS (mehr von N18NN)
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20241 The very first time ever at Zeltweg - Airbase, at an austrian airport and at an european airshow. THE star of this year "airpower 2022" airshow. (mehr von 20241)
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OM-EDA The first Air Explore Boeing 737-8AS(BCF) arriving with style at BTS/LZIB. ex Ryanair (EI-DAM). first pic in db (mehr von OM-EDA)
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EZ-A780 First pic in db of the very last built pax Boeing 777-200(LR) (mehr von EZ-A780)
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HL8508 Very rare visit of Korean Air new Boeing 787-8(BBJ) Dreamliner (mehr von HL8508)
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7L-WC First pic and first flight of 7L-WC showing the new "Austrian Tigers" - colors (mehr von 7L-WC)