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HB-JNB Ready to line-up on runway 10. (mehr von HB-JNB)
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HB-ION Definitely not cleared for take-off on runway 10. Swiss A340 getting towed to Dock E for its late night departure. (mehr von HB-ION)
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A6-EES The aircraft with one of the most colorful liveries out there on the way to runway 16 for the flight back to Dubai. (mehr von A6-EES)
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06-5856 Flying a real close formation north of the city of Friedrichshafen. They are following the second USAF C-130 (06-4631). (mehr von 06-5856)
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54+12 The US Air Force and the german Luftwaffe arranged a common exercise for parachutist. They also did some great flight training. (mehr von 54+12)
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54+12 Great vortex around the engines for the first take-off of the A400M during a parachute exercise in southern Germany. (mehr von 54+12)
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10001 Nice view to the amazing flap system of the Boeing B747. (mehr von 10001)


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B-5960 Take-off to Chengdu (CTU) via Prague (PRG). (mehr von B-5960)
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G-XLEA Landing on runway 27R in a nice evening light with an upcoming thunderstorm in the background. (mehr von G-XLEA)
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D-ALCN A really missed sight, especially this nice lighting atmosphere. (mehr von D-ALCN)
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HL7611 One of the best looking A380 on the way to runway 07C in nice evening light. (mehr von HL7611)
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N653UA The main gear is only some centimeters/inches away from the swiss ground. (mehr von N653UA)
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9V-SWS Very soft touch-down on runways 14 after fllight from Singapore as flight SQ346. The condition of the livery isn't really good for ah high quality airlines. (mehr von 9V-SWS)
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HB-JMB Touch-down on runway 14 some minutes after sunrise. (mehr von HB-JMB)