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CC-AEY This Dornier was delivered on 15th August 2011 from Air Alps Aviation to Aerocardal in Chile and is the second Dornier for them. On this day they had a fuel stop in Narsarsuaq. It is ex OE-LKD and was domiciled more than 10 years in Austria. (mehr von CC-AEY)
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N6274Q For unknown reasons, the twin engine aircraft made a wheels up landing in January 2007. Both pilots escaped uninjured but the aircraft was damaged beyond repair. (mehr von N6274Q)
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LY-AJG The An-2 LY-AJG was being ferried from Europe to Canada in September 2006. It passed through Vagar, Reykjavik and Kulusuk before landing at Narsarsuaq (UAK). It was parked there for several months. Severe winds caused substantial damage to the plane. The undercarriage collapsed and the left wings were damaged. Condition: Wrecked. (mehr von LY-AJG)
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D-ABLE After arrival of this special flight for Air Berlin in Greenland! (mehr von D-ABLE)
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D-ABLE Overview of the airport of Narsarsuaq (mehr von D-ABLE)
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OY-GRL Nice to see the aircraft in its homeland (mehr von OY-GRL)