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HK-5197 This is now a regular visitor at UIO even though their flight plans state is a "Non-scheduled flight" we can see these awesome B734s arriving on Saturdays. (mehr von HK-5197)
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4K-SW800 A very exotic visitor that has become quite regular every weekend after its long flight GYD-CMN-GRU-UIO and rolling down for departure to continue back to GYD via MIA and HHN. Finally this beautiful blue livery visited us, instead of the white one. And by the way, special thanks to crew for greeting us from the cockpit!! (mehr von 4K-SW800)
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HP-1522WWP We used to have this visitor every Wednesday but now is every Saturday, the same as AerCaribe. Surely a beautiful one but I always said that would have been awesome to have the words "Copa Air Cargo" or "Copa Airlines Cargo" written on the white fuselage. This is currently the only regular B738BCF that flies to UIO. (mehr von HP-1522WWP)
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HK-5388 What a rare sight, not only for Quito, but to everyone!! An Airbus A320N of the defunct low-cost colombian airline, Viva Air landing at Quito's runway 18 from Medell�n (SKRG). After many months in storage this plane flew again to get the new paint scheme of Avianca and for short-term storage at UIO. (mehr von HK-5388)
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HP-1841CMP One of my best night shots ever. Copa Airlines retro livery resting at the remote apron of the Mariscal Sucre airport during a cold night waiting for its flight back to Panama City the following morning. That same day I said to my friend it was kind of weird that the Copa retro livery didn't came to Quito in months, and just hours after my comment it came hehe. (mehr von HP-1841CMP)
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N27261 Starting engines for its night departure back to Houston. Seen here wearing the "Being United Together" sticker. United started operations with the MAX 8 on March of this same year replacing the usual B737-700 and B737-800NG. (mehr von N27261)
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N220CY ABX Air, operates a daily night flight for DHL to Quito. But two days earlier, this B767 tried twice to land in Quito but because of winds it was imposible so it diverted to Bogota and came back hours later, and after a long time of crew rest, it departed with sunlight. Here, ABX1510 blasting off from runway 18 on its way to Miami. (mehr von N220CY)
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N776AV Here it is!! Iguana is back in the air with the AeroGal heritage livery!!! After many months of waiting for its paperwork, this gorgeous plane it's finally flying for Avianca Ecuador inside our country and also on the UIO-JFK route recently opened. Here, arriving from Guayaquil and Galapagos as GLG1633 on its first day of work and wearing the beautiful AeroGal tail which we really missed to see on our skies. For the ecuadorian spotters this was the most waited heritage livery of Avianca. (mehr von N776AV)
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N545JN Landing at Quito after a flight from Fort Myers Southwest Florida Airport (KRSW) as WGN1301. First time to see a MD-11 of WGA with its actual titles. Long live to the Mighty Dog!!! (mehr von N545JN)
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N863GT First time of the last Queen of the Skies at Quito, arriving from Manaus as GTI36. Without a doubt a magical moment to see the last B747 built at my home airport. I couldn't resist to bow to this Queen after this picture... Long live the Queen!! (mehr von N863GT)
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N368EV Taxiing to runway 36 for departure to Cali after arriving from Guayaquil minutes before on a stopover before continuing its trip to US. This helicopter has been helping firemen down in Chile during fire season alongside Ecocopter. Such a nice and rare visit at UIO. Thanks to the pilot who wave at us while he was waiting for his departure. (mehr von N368EV)


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C-GDUZ Finally caught the last acquisition of Air Canada Cargo, also wearing these beautiful Rouge colors but no winglets. It sure is gorgeous. Arriving a sunny morning from Miami. (mehr von C-GDUZ)
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N849AV Even though it was pouring rain and I ended up with my clothes were totally soaked, it was worth it. This is the end of the ATR era for Tame. This was the last ATR-42 of the old ecuadorian airline that was still in the country and today it was taken to Medell�n as N849AV for its new owner. We'll miss you!! :(( Ex-HC-CMB (mehr von N849AV)
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HP-1A "PANAMA 2" leaving Quito to David after the IV Meeting of the Alliance for Development in Democracy held in Quito. This summit had the participation of the presidents from Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Costa Rica and the vicepresident of Panama which was transporting on this beautiful Legacy 600. (mehr von HP-1A)
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N776AV Welcome back Iguana!! Today, the first NEO for Avianca Ecuador was delivered in Quito and it's now painted with the newest and fourth retro scheme of Avianca, the heritage livery AeroGal. After 5 years without seeing this tail we got the opportunity to see it again flying through our skies. In June this plane will be the first to fly the UIO-JFK route. (mehr von N776AV)
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CC-BDB Sometimes due to cancelled or overbooked flights, Latam/LAN used to bring their B767s to cover some flights like this one, LNE1453 off to Lima. (mehr von CC-BDB)
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N788DP The beautiful DP World B737BBJ resting at the general aviation apron of Quito's Intl. Airport just hours after arriving directly from Dakar (GOBD). (mehr von N788DP)
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HI1027 Arriving with the last rays of Sun from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as DWI 3880. So far, my best shot of this airline. (mehr von HI1027)
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9H-VDC I finally get to see this rare visitor. Following a night flight a week earlier, we were revisited by this A333P2F, but this time during sunlight. Its visit is due to the 2023 Valentine's flower season. In the photo, flying the MEX-UIO-MIA route, taking off for the United States as GTR8731. We hope to see more exotic visitors during these times. (mehr von 9H-VDC)
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N534LA The first aircraft of the new Ecuadorian subsidiary of Latam Cargo. N534LA with the livery "Avi�n Solidario" now operates for Latam Cargo Ecuador. In the photo, taking off from Quito bound for Miami as LNE312. (mehr von N534LA)