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N776AV Welcome back Iguana!! Today, the first NEO for Avianca Ecuador was delivered in Quito and it's now painted with the newest and fourth retro scheme of Avianca, the heritage livery AeroGal. After 5 years without seeing this tail we got the opportunity to see it again flying through our skies. In June this plane will be the first to fly the UIO-JFK route. (mehr von N776AV)
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CC-BDB Sometimes due to cancelled or overbooked flights, Latam/LAN used to bring their B767s to cover some flights like this one, LNE1453 off to Lima. (mehr von CC-BDB)
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N788DP The beautiful DP World B737BBJ resting at the general aviation apron of Quito's Intl. Airport just hours after arriving directly from Dakar (GOBD). (mehr von N788DP)
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HI1027 Arriving with the last rays of Sun from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as DWI 3880. So far, my best shot of this airline. (mehr von HI1027)
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9H-VDC I finally get to see this rare visitor. Following a night flight a week earlier, we were revisited by this A333P2F, but this time during sunlight. Its visit is due to the 2023 Valentine's flower season. In the photo, flying the MEX-UIO-MIA route, taking off for the United States as GTR8731. We hope to see more exotic visitors during these times. (mehr von 9H-VDC)
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N534LA The first aircraft of the new Ecuadorian subsidiary of Latam Cargo. N534LA with the livery "Avi�n Solidario" now operates for Latam Cargo Ecuador. In the photo, taking off from Quito bound for Miami as LNE312. (mehr von N534LA)
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LV-GCK Beautiful Learjet departing towards Port-au-Prince carrying Jovenel Moise, president of Haiti after attending the posession of the new ecuadorian president. The haitian president was killed only a month and a half later. (mehr von LV-GCK)


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C-GHLV Finally managed to catch this one!! Arriving from Miami as AC7255 the newest mamber of Air Canada Cargo wearing the colors of Rouge. This reminds me when AC Rouge used to fly to UIO with these same B767s from Toronto, but sadly after the pandemic the airline ceased pax operations in Ecuador. (mehr von C-GHLV)
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HK-5239 What an awesome take off!! Almost using all the runway 18 blasting off on its way to Cura�ao (TNCC). First time I was able to photograph this one with the new livery, the two times I saw it before it was carrying the 50 years livery of Aerosucre. It's always a pleasure to see these B727s flying!! :D (mehr von HK-5239)
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HI1082 The first ever commercial regular flight between Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The ultra low cost airlne, Arajet started operations to Quito from Santo Domingo, three times a week with their Boeing 737 MAX 8. Here, the inaugural flight getting ready for taxiing for departure. (mehr von HI1082)
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76-0160 "SPAR 61" taxiing for departure back to Bogota after an early flight to El Coca alongside a Gulfstream C-37B during the visit of Laura Richardson, commander of United States Southern Command. This Beechcraft is operated by the Embassy of the United States in Colombia. (mehr von 76-0160)
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N336SR Departing towards Miami from runway 18. (mehr von N336SR)
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HC-CXS The third aircraft of the ecuadorian airline Equair arriving to Quito as EQX031 on its ferry flight from SELT after its paint job with the DIAF at Latacunga Cotopaxi Airport. Named "Papagayo", ex- T7-WLA. (mehr von HC-CXS)
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G-POWM After 7 years, Ecuador finally got another chance to get into a FIFA World Cup and we, the spotters, got a chance to see the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour plane once again, this time a A320 as the last time we saw a MD-83 of Danish Air Transport (OY-RUE). Blasting off from runway 36 on a cloudy and cold morning to Costa Rica as AWC886. (mehr von G-POWM)
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HP-1841CMP I remember some people thought this livery was fake when it first came out, well... here it is and it's an awesome livery!! First visit of the retro livery of Copa Airlines to Quito with sunlight as they came two other times before in the night flights. Thanks a lot to Sandro Rota and Quiport for the help that day. (mehr von HP-1841CMP)
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N576UP Landing directly from Louisville bringing an engine for a B767 of the same airline, that broke down at Quito some days before. This was the very first time that a Boeing 747 of UPS arrived to Ecuador and I would say it was also the first time in South America. (mehr von N576UP)