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UR-DWF Sadly crashed near Tamanrasset on 30.08.2014. (mehr von UR-DWF)
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UR-DWF UR-DWF seen here while taking off from runway 24 at Luxembourg for the last time as UKL4041. It crashed today in the mountaineous region of Tamanrasset (Algeria) with 7 crew on board. My deepest feelings and condolences are going to the crew and to the relatives! (mehr von UR-DWF)
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UR-DWF What a great angle for this old smoker. Came in as UKL4040 from LUX (mehr von UR-DWF)


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UR-DWF Resting at Cargo ramp I. This An-12 crashed 30 August 2014 shortly after take-off from TMR-SSG, 7/7 dead (mehr von UR-DWF)
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