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WB491 Now trailer mounted and has moved within the museum. Used as a flying test bed for jet engines before being retired (mehr von WB491)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #508738 / 46 Aufrufe
WB491 This is the only surviving part of any Avro Ashton (mehr von WB491)
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WB491 c/n 1396 first flew in August 1951 and was a shortened Avro Tudor airframe used for jet engine trials. This is the only Mk 2 built (and only 1 of 6 in total) and was used by the National Gas Turbine Establishment to test the Avon, Conway and Sapphire engines. A very rare airframe indeed. (mehr von WB491)
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WB491 A very rare aircraft. This is all that remains now. (mehr von WB491)