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PH-GOV (c/n 64970) The new Netherlands government transport was presented to the public today. After 3 Fokkers a Boeing BBJ took over the VIP role. (mehr von PH-GOV)
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PH-KZH (c/n 11583) This former KLM and Insel Air Fokker 70 is the newest addition to the TUS fleet. It went out today for a pre-delivery testflight. (mehr von PH-KZH)
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TF-JMS This is the only ex-Flugfelag Fokker 50 that has not yet found a new operator. (mehr von TF-JMS)
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M-51 c/n 7150. This T-bird is painted in the colors of the famous Wisky 4 demo team. Actually it is M-54, ex USAF 51-7150. Now a gateguard at Woensdrecht Airbase. (mehr von M-51)
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PH-SAX (c/n 45115) After this DC-7C was retired by Schreiner Airways it spent some years in storage at Aviolanda, Woensdrecht. Ex G-AOIE with BOAC. (mehr von PH-SAX)
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PH-RJS c/n 11517. ex B-12293 Mandarin Airlines. Will be D-AFKA third Fokker 100 for Contact Air. (mehr von PH-RJS)


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LN-KLT stored at Aviolanda ramp at Woensdrecht (mehr von LN-KLT)
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(c/n 11396) C-GKZJ Being prepared for the next operator.
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C-GKZS together with C-GKZF, C-GKZ? and PH-MKH (mehr von C-GKZS)
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N800DH (c/n 11176) In storage at Fokker Services for many years. Will it ever fly? (mehr von N800DH)
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C-GKZF (c/n 11361) After the demise of JetsGo the F100's were stored at Fokker Services. Many have already been sold, three are remaining. C-GKZF, C-GKZS (11367) and an unidentified one. (mehr von C-GKZF)
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TN-ABZ C/n 10446 still in long term storage with Stork Fokker! This F-27 will never fly again, very sad :( (mehr von TN-ABZ)
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C-3 Once flown proud with the RNLAF, shortly before scrapping, tail is missing! (mehr von C-3)
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C-GKZL Ex jetsgo but still in Fordair livery, without any titles! (mehr von C-GKZL)