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PU-JBL (cn JCW002-06) Brasilian visitor at SNF 2013. (mehr von PU-JBL)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #972369 / 49 Aufrufe
PU-OLS c/n JCW004-06. ex PU-OLN. [Canon PowerShot SX100iS] (mehr von PU-OLS)
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PU-OLN c/n JCW004-06. Designed and built by enshrined constructor and projectionist JCW. This incredible machine is outperforming increasingly its owner! Equipped with an engine of 180 Hp's, he was tried in static probes and their strong structure endured 12 G's! [Canon PowerShot SX100iS] (mehr von PU-OLN)