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N741WA Still resting on the apron on this frosty morning at Leipzig. Hope that she still will be there in two weeks when Andi and Markus will visit me for a nice spotting week.;) (mehr von N741WA)
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N741WA Can you hear her shouting: 'I'm damn cold. Gimme something to do!' ;) (mehr von N741WA)
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N274WA Parked on the north cargo ramp. FDX N591FE in the back. (mehr von N274WA)
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N276WA Early rotation from runway 18 in the evening. (mehr von N276WA)
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N741WA Take off to Europe after an afternoon fuel stop in Curacao. (mehr von N741WA)
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N274WA Motion blur - 1/30 sec. [Canon 40D + Canon EF 300 f4 L IS] (mehr von N274WA)