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VH-LFP 2nd landing point on my CPL flight test, which im proud to say i passed. Colac was also the 2nd landing point on my PPL flight test back in Oscar, the green machine. [EOS 350D + EF 17-40L] (mehr von VH-LFP)
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VH-PTF Fire bomber / Crop duster parked at Colac. It was a surprisingly large plane up close. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-PTF)
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VH-OWO c/n 28-7916066. Parked out front of the Colac Aero Club. Second landing point on my PPL Checkride. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-OWO)
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VH-EUH Busy day at Colac... [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-EUH)
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VH-EUH A plane from just down the road from my flying school at Moorabbin is parked just next to us at Colac. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-EUH)
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VH-LFP c/n 28R-7135040. Parked at Colac reflecting the setting sun. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-LFP)