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B-9920 c/n 5378. Delivered in March 2013. New in database! (mehr von B-9920)
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B-9983 c/n 5799. Delivered in October 2013. Painted in "Haitao Travel" special colours. New in database! (mehr von B-9983)
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B-5061 On chinese airports you always have to reckon with bicycles. (mehr von B-5061)
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B-6376 Xian 2011 Horticultural Expo promotion livery. The mascot on the engine displays Xian's city flower Chang'an, a pomegranate. (mehr von B-6376)
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B-6028 Xian 2011 Horticultural Expo promotion livery. (mehr von B-6028)
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B-6032 The economy cabin of B-6032 after a flight from Hangzhou to Xi`an. (mehr von B-6032)
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B-3000 Ready for push back. Behind the B737, China Southern Airbus B-2374, going to park. (mehr von B-3000)