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YL-LCL c/n 533. Built in 1995 and delivered to Swissair as HB-IJA. Ex OLT Express as SP-IAA. Leased from SmartLynx (mehr von YL-LCL)
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YL-LCL ops for Thomas Cook from BHX during summer season. (mehr von YL-LCL)
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YL-LCL A new airline is born. It's called Windavia and it's the youngest portuguese airline. Belonging to the White/Omni group it will operate a fleet of 6 A320 flying for 40 destinations such as Paris, Dublin or Tel Aviv. Here is the first comercial flight from Beja to Lisbon operated by YL-LCL that soon will have a CS registration. We all wish good luck to this new CIA and hope they have a good future. Windavia, fly like the wind!!! (mehr von YL-LCL)
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YL-LCL New portuguese airline on its first take off! It is the first time I photograph such an event. Best wishes for everyone envolved, with lots of tailwinds and calm skies. (mehr von YL-LCL)