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C-GHZI "Tanker 484" after Test-Flight. The Air Tanker-STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) included a change in minimum crew from 3 to 2 - the basic flight-engineer`s tasks (Cabin Pressurization, Air Conditioning configuration, etc.) are no longer required since Airspray operates the Electra with unpressurized cabin. When still with Reeve Aleutian Airways the aircraft once made a crash landing in Aruba when most propably no. 4 Reduction Gearbox failed, causing prop no. 4 to disintegrate and strike into eng. 3. After some heavy structural repairs the A/C re-entered service and determines the backbone of Air Spray`s Tanker-Fleet. (mehr von C-GHZI)
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C-GHZI "Tanker 484" Resting at the Air Spray ramp, being prepared for Test-flight after scheduled maintenance (mehr von C-GHZI)
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C-FIJX sadly at a bad weather day ! New reg to database , first picture ! (mehr von C-FIJX)
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