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N246PH c/n BB-1373. ex N25GK. [Nikon D200; Nikon 2.8/80-200] (mehr von N246PH)
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N787EX My first encounter with the brandnew Dreamliner. It came into Yuma as Boeing 002 and as an unexpected visitor, but I didn't mind at all. A few days later a mishap with this aircraft caused the temporary grounding of the whole Dreamliner test fleet. (mehr von N787EX)
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153994 (YQ) Nice bossbird markings on this CH-46E.
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N53276 c/n 2844049. Built in 2001. Photo time on one of my cross country stops. Yuma control tower in the background. (mehr von N53276)
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741528 Only a few F-5s are still flying within the U.S. Military, 'RED 05' an aggressor in a desert color scheme is approaching its home base.
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N717XC One of the prototypes during a test flight. Please note the attached device to the tail. (mehr von N717XC)
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