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5H-PWD Landed in Zanzibar from DAR. Block time 0:30 hours, actual flight time 0:15 hours. (mehr von 5H-PWD)
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5H-BAD Delivered in July 2004 it now roams the coastlines of East Africa. (mehr von 5H-BAD)
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5H-PWG Precision Air operates a high number of flights to Zanzibar. This aircraft just came from Arusha, carrying mostly tourist from the Serengeti to the island paradise. Check out the metal strip on the engine nacelle! (mehr von 5H-PWG)
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5Y-BXC Fly540 is an ambitious East African airline, connecting Zanzibar with Mombasa and other destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. The aircraft is the only CRJ100 in the fleet of six aircraft and flew with Air Littoral in the past. (mehr von 5Y-BXC)
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5H-ALO Beautiful little aircraft in the sun. (mehr von 5H-ALO)
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5H-PWD This aircraft named "Zanzibar" (unlike the island which is actually called Unguja) is about to depart for another flight to Dar es Salaam, just after a rainshower went over the former Kisauni airport, which has now been renamed after the island's first president. First time on! (mehr von 5H-PWD)
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5H-PWC First pic in database (mehr von 5H-PWC)
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5H-PAG Just landed. New registration in database. (mehr von 5H-PAG)