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ZS-SNG with respect to the bad news of the day, this might be my last SAA catch... (mehr von ZS-SNG)
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ZS-SNG enjoying a day-long break on the south apron (mehr von ZS-SNG)


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ZS-SNG This isnt Helsinki-Vantaa, its Munich airport! South African Airbus A340-642 ZS-SNG on flight SA 264 from Johannesburg generating incredible wake turbulence at the break of dawn. This is definitely one of my photos of a lifetime as everything fitted perfectly on this day! I had been checking the position of the sunrise in the rwy 08R axis for weeks and the 30th of March was the perfect day. Theres no doubt that this photo was worth waking up at 3 in the morning! (mehr von ZS-SNG)
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ZS-SNG The aircraft are parked as if the future terminal 3 was already in place. (mehr von ZS-SNG)