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JY-AFU Special flight of Royal Jordanian landed in Bologna. (mehr von JY-AFU)
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F-GLXQ On rolling this morning for take-off from runway 12 on behalf of Air France, direct to Paris CDG-LFPG. (mehr von F-GLXQ)
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D-AIRX Retrojet is taxiing out for the return flight to Frankfurt, in a sunny morning. (mehr von D-AIRX)
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TC-OGJ In the livery of this A320-200 of Atlasjet, lacking the color red at the bottom of the fuselage. (mehr von TC-OGJ)
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OO-DJQ Diverted from FRL-LIRQ to adverse weather conditions, the plane expected from Florence, the arrival of passengers by bus via Highway. (mehr von OO-DJQ)
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Tower and Terminal in Bologna
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OM-HLA Early morning departure from Runway 12. (mehr von OM-HLA)
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MM62127 The sticker "Ridare la Luce" testifies to a humanitarian mission, carried out between November and December 2007 in some villages of the African Republic of Mali by military and civilian doctors to treat diseases sight of the people. (mehr von MM62127)
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HB-IZJ This SAAB is ready to operate a flight on behalf of Myair, direct to BOD-LFBD. (mehr von HB-IZJ)
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I-TEMA This "amphibious" in 1964 arrives to "Aeroclub di Bologna" sold by A.M.I. But they are expensive and demanding, not ever found practical use at the Aeroclub, which is put on the ground.....For years is parked in the field of local scrap metal, a few km. from BLQ-LIPE.....Hopefully not be demolished, that someone will buy and restorations, because there are few in the world, and perhaps some exemplary still flies! (mehr von I-TEMA)
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TS-IQA Taxiing for departure from Rwy 12. (mehr von TS-IQA)
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A6-ESH The crew prepares the plane on the apron of General Aviation for the departure, on a sunny morning. (mehr von A6-ESH)
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OY-KBF "Skapti Viking" leaving for Copenhagen, in a grey day before the rain. (mehr von OY-KBF)
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I-DAWW -The cow that flies, which like the radio! (mehr von I-DAWW)