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HB-JIB c/n 53553 l/n 2165. Built in 1997 and delivered to Cyprus Turkish Airlines as TC-KTB. Ex AMC as SU-BMS (mehr von HB-JIB)
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HB-JID c/n 53460 l/n 2142. Built in 1996 and delivered to SAS Scandinavian Airlines as OY-KIM (mehr von HB-JID)
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HB-JID Glorious days when you could get a bunch of hello MD90s at Zurich every single day (mehr von HB-JID)
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HB-JIB Just about ready to go on Rwy 23L as FHE202 to Malta. Operated by Hello on behalf of Malta-based BritishJET, a tour operator that used to offer flights between Malta and the UK. (mehr von HB-JIB)


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HB-JIC Wearing an interesting mixed paint scheme with the fuselage still showing Iceland Express' colours while the tail is already back in Hello colours after a summer lease. (mehr von HB-JIC)
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EI-EZF ex HB-JIX ferried SNN-DUB by GECAS (mehr von EI-EZF)
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EI-EZF Landing at Dublin on runway 28 for temporary storage. Ex HB-JIX. (mehr von EI-EZF)