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N928AE New colours for American Eagle arriving for the first time at DFW. (mehr von N928AE)
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PH-MCW I was very surprised to see this arrival for several reasons. This was the inaugural flight for Martinair Cargo to DFW, also landed on the East side, even though their parking is on the West. Not that I'm complaining. I was lucky she came down taxiway EK, seen here turning North onto taxiway Lima. MPH053 from AMS via YYZ. (mehr von PH-MCW)
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N704X f/n 5TD turning out spot 22 as AAL750 bound for New York LGA. (mehr von N704X)
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PH-BFG Main attraction for the day down there. It is awesome to be so close that you get blasted when he makes the turn for the active. Spotter Rogier Van der Velde was riding this beast back to AMS. Nice meeting you Rogier! (mehr von PH-BFG)
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OE-LAT The crew lined up on the beach, in uniform, to be under this arrival for a photo op. Thanks for the opportunity! They would be taking this bird out about 2 hours after this photo was taken. I would like to have had a practise run at this, and wound up being zoomed too far out. As it was, we were running down the beach as they were coming down final, and got there lined up just in time. (mehr von OE-LAT)
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N801SY Heading out at sunset towards MSP as SY502. Shot at 1/250thsec F9.5 through a Sigma 170-500mm. (mehr von N801SY)
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N365NB Taxiing North on Kilo just passing the East/West running taxiway of EK. NWA694 to DTW already wears a mismatched nosecone. Shot at 125th F8. (mehr von N365NB)
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N368NB NWA flight 694 to DTW taxiing for takeoff in late afternoon sun. (mehr von N368NB)
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N994Z NWA new colours taxiing by as flight 696 to DTW. (mehr von N994Z)
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N609AA f/n 5ED climbing away from 17R. AAL658 to DCA. (mehr von N609AA)
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N666A f/n 5CP lifts off from 35L enroute to DCA as AAL1560. (mehr von N666A)


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N346AN AAL48 nonstop to CDG lifting off from 35L. One of the newest 767's in the AA fleet. (mehr von N346AN)
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N703TW A study in the differences between the P&W and Rolls powered 757's of the AA fleet. 1st in line is N703TW f/n 5TC arriving as AAL1648 from SNA. Behind her is N614AA from PHX as AAL2436. The MD80 sneaking past is N7537A from MIA as AAL1317. (mehr von N703TW)
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N956AN f/n 3CL arriving from MCO as AAL1057 (mehr von N956AN)
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N601AN f/n 5DU takes off enroute to LIM as AAL947. (mehr von N601AN)
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N484TA Taca flight 524 taking off from 17R. Next stop, SAL. (mehr von N484TA)
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N696CA Takeoff from 17R. Just a few of these at DFW each day. (mehr von N696CA)
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HL7405 Landing on 17C. Unusual that he landed on the East side of the field. Much to my chagrin, West side is the norm. (mehr von HL7405)
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N433AA Short final for 18L is AAL616 from TUS. On the ground at 1347 local time. No other shots of this Mad Dog in the database. (mehr von N433AA)
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HL7452 Taxiing down WK heading for the takeoff que. Flaps/slats already set in takeoff config. The AA 777 in the background is towing out of it's parking position and will come over to the terminal as the equipment for flight 61 to NRT. (mehr von HL7452)
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B-18715 Very new in this pic, blasting off from 18L. (mehr von B-18715)
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N383US Taxiing in with KE31 from ICN bearing down on her off taxiway WK. The KE 777 is HL7531 (mehr von N383US)
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B-16482 Old colour scheme. Wings are really heavily laden with fuel, which is apparant from their downward bend. (mehr von B-16482)
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N922RW Taxiing in still wearing the old colours. No other shots of this registration on here yet. (mehr von N922RW)