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EC-HTD About to land on Rwy 28, arriving from Madrid. Joined clickair later that year and got transferred to Vueling in 2009. Taken up by Allegiant in the US as N245NV in March 2019. (mehr von EC-HTD)


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EI-DEG About to land on Rwy 25 on a typically windy day at Dublin. (mehr von EI-DEG)
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EC-GRG Rolling for take-off on Rwy 28 for its flight back home to Barcelona. Later also flew for MyAir and Vueling and got scrapped at Victorville in 2012. (mehr von EC-GRG)
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VT-IZX Taxiing out for departure at NSCBIA on a winter morning. This aircraft was newly delivered to IndiGo on 08 May 2019. (mehr von VT-IZX)