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EP-ASB For a 38 year old plane, the cabin is still in a good shape. A few signs still remain from Air France and the arm rests are very low. (mehr von EP-ASB)
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EP-ASB using the stair as a strut due to the weight of the engines. (mehr von EP-ASB)
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EP-ASA The last one of three 727 arriving this evening within 1 hour! (mehr von EP-ASA)
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EP-ASA c/n 22081 l/n 1594. Built in 1980 and delivered to Air France as F-GCDA. Ex Air Charter (mehr von EP-ASA)


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EP-ASB Had booked a flight with Aseman's 727 and ended up on a Fokker 100... (mehr von EP-ASB)
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Climbing out of THR