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N3713G Piccadilly Lilly II s/n 44-83684 -- New in db (mehr von N3713G)
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N207EV This Douglas built B-17 was used by the CIA with Skyhook Surface Air Recovery System gear fitted in the nose for Project Coldfeet. This successful mission was carried out on June 1, 1962, which involved the dropping and retrieval of agents with Soviet anti-submarine warfare intelligance from a polar ice station, aboandoned by the Russians in May 1961. Since 2002 N207EV has been on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, restored in its original military identity (mehr von N207EV)


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44-83735 Normally displayed in the American Air Museum hangar but temporarily stored in the Airspace hangar whilst refurbishment work takes place to the American hangar (mehr von 44-83735)
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44-83735 B-17G-95-DL on display at the American Air Museum Duxford. Now carries its true identity 44-83735 on the fin and no nose art (following its 2011/2012 restoration), but was formerly painted as 42-31983 'Mary Alice'. (mehr von 44-83735)