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N212DD Scan from a k-64 slide. D&D Parts Inc. was the owner at the time of the picture. (mehr von N212DD)
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17171 The cockpit section is missing nearly completely. (mehr von 17171)
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17171 This Douglas Dakota lost altitude enroute from Hornafjordur to Keflavik over Solheimasandur in November 1973 and was forced to crash land in the black sand desert. Since Justin Bieber filmed one of his music videos on the wreckage in 2015, it gained popularity and since then, people started climbing the wreckage. (mehr von 17171)


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In November 1973 this DC-3 ran out of fuel on its way from Europe to the USA and made an emergency landing on the black vulcanic beach near Skogar in south Iceland. Engines, wings and the tail section were removed and the rest was left to its fate. Now, 40 years after the crash the titels "United States Navy" can still be read.
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17191 "Naples". One of my first pics. Camera was a one-lens Agfa Clack.
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N587LM This has been reregistered from C-GDIK at Opa Locka (mehr von N587LM)