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FAB1361 To mark the 30-year T-27's operation with the Brazilian Air Force, the plane with the FAB 1361 enrollment received a beautiful and creative commemorative painting, showing a picture of a Tucanuu bird with open wings, covering the fuselage and wings, with the aircraft being presented to the public for the first time during the graduation ceremony of Aspiring Officer, on December 6, 2013, at the Air Force Academy in Pirassununga / SP. (mehr von FAB1361)
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Leaving Puerto Rico before a technical stop in SJU the member in this formation its #1 FAB1314 ,2 FAB1326 ,3 FAB1435, 4 FAB1358, 5 FAB1360, 6 FAB1381 , 7 FAB1327 , 7 FAB1434 i hope see you soon again Fumacas the Smoke Squadrom. Camera : Canon EOS 40D Lens : Canon 55-250 IS EF-S mm. sorry for the hazy conditions.
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FAB1360 Esquadrilha da Fumaa number 5 and 4 taxing both to the runway 10!! First time in PR!!! (mehr von FAB1360)


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FAB1381 Say hi to the camera Fumaca member of Brazil. (mehr von FAB1381)
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FAB1435 Fumaca SQ in SJU fuel stop to the next trip to Tampa FL. (mehr von FAB1435)
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FAB1333 This one is based on the Air Base of Pirassununga (Campo Fontenelle). (mehr von FAB1333)
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FAC2257 Making circles in front of the public during F-AIR 2008. (mehr von FAC2257)
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