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PH-CDE Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Rotterdam Stickers (mehr von PH-CDE)
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PH-BFB - Corendon Village Amsterdam's garden treat is absolutely worth a visit and easily photographable - so don't miss out! (mehr von PH-BFB)
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PH-BFB - this ex-KLM airframe is the central element of the marvelous Corendon Village Amsterdam (mehr von PH-BFB)
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PH-BFB displayed in Corendon Village Hotel's garden (mehr von PH-BFB)
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PH-BFB - My 5000th photo in database and quite a meaningful one to me as the Corendon Village Hotel had been my home for over a month this summer and I can absolutely recommend this place to anyone willing to visit AMS and Adam City. Thank you to everybody in the PP.net-Team and whoever out there might be enjoying some of my photos ;) (mehr von PH-BFB)