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D-HKSL First german registered helicopter at Tegel airport after the second world war. Refuel before returning after a rescue flight of a baby from Wuerzburg to the heart centre Rudolf Virchow Berlin-Reinickendorf. (mehr von D-HKSL)
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D-HSDD A very nice guest in Hangelar! Many thanks to the Crew of Hangelar airfield and the crew of the Christoph Niedersachsen, which have made this shot possible! I don't believe, that we will see this Helikopter in Hangelar so often! (mehr von D-HSDD)
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D-HSDD Nice visitor from Hannover, due a fuel stop @ EDKB , best greetings to the very friendly crew , always good flight ; [FZ-7] (mehr von D-HSDD)


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D-HTIM in the Background the sisterships D-HHSM & D-HNIC. This three Bell are sold to USA as N9ZS(D-HTIM), N2XK(D-HHSM) & N4VE(D-HNIC) in May 2008 (mehr von D-HTIM)
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D-HMDX Emergency heli parked on standby position (Canon EOS 30D / EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS USM) (mehr von D-HMDX)
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D-HHKW having a break after several touristflights over Ruegen. provisional heliport near Sassnitz. (mehr von D-HHKW)
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D-HSDD Takeoff at Hanover heliport in last sunlight of the day (Canon EOS 30D / EF 100-400) (mehr von D-HSDD)