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XA564 UK's only FAW.1 on display at RAFM Cosford. Gloster's last fighter was designed as RAF's first all-weather interceptor, entering frontline service in 1956 with No. 46 Sqn. at RAF Odiham. The FAW.1 was powered by a pair of Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire Sa.6 10201 and 10301 engines of 36.9 kN thrust each that required a cartridge starter. The aircraft was fitted with the AI.17 radar and 30mm cannon. The initial production run of 40 FAW.1s also served as test platforms. A total of 435 Javelins were built and served in seventeen RAF squadrons plus OCUs, many being converted to different marks. (mehr von XA564)
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MN235 Sole surviving complete Typhoon on display at RAFM Hendon. With the covers off, one gets a good look at the Napier Sabre 24-cylinder engine, the propeller and a view of the open gun bay doors for the four 20mm Hispano cannon. Good at low level, the "Tiffy" was deadly as a fighter-bomber, armed with two 500 kg. bombs or eight RP-3 rockets. No. 609 Sqn under S/L Beamont flew the first Rhubarb mission in Nov 1942. By D-Day as many as 18 Typhoon squadrons equipped 2nd TAF, wreaking havoc on ground targets in the weeks that followed. (mehr von MN235)


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ZH763 The aircraft was originally at the Cornwall Aviation Museum at Newquay but had to close. The aircraft was dismantled and is on its way to the Solent Sky museum in Southampton. (mehr von ZH763)
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ZD374 "Miss Behavin" on display in the Cold War Gallery at NMUSAF. A JP233 can be seen underneath. Built in 1982, this Tornado served with No. 17 Sqn. at RAF Bruggen, Germany. Deployed to Dhahran, the aircraft flew combat missions during Op Desert Storm. GR.1s commenced their attacks with Tallil airfield on 16/17 Jan 1991. Tasked with runway denial, GR.1s carried JP 233 bomblet dispensing pods, 495 gal drop tanks, a Sky Shadow jammer and a BOZ-107chaff/flare dispenser for a take-off weight of 30 tons. (mehr von ZD374)
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XH648 Looking good for a repaint and restoration taking several years after the years outside have taken its toll since arriving here in about 1975 (mehr von XH648)