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ZS-SAN "Lebombo" looked awful big when closing my lens at the holding point of runway 02. (mehr von ZS-SAN)
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G-EZEJ A row of diversions from CDG due to a thunderstorm overthere. But a couple of hours later the same weather system moved to BRU holding these planes for a while on the ground. The "scratch" in the sky was one of many cloud to ground lightnings near the airport, snapped here in a fading phase. (mehr von G-EZEJ)
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5N-AUG Nowadays a restaurant called "Airbus Cafe" in Gilly near Charlerloi, this airframe was impounded for unpaid debts from 1993 on. Lekki Peninsula was transported via road and water to its final destination between September 09-14 1999. (mehr von 5N-AUG)
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OO-SCX Graceful approach of a great airline & airliner, both history in Belgian aviation of nowadays. (mehr von OO-SCX)
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EC-IDQ Wearing no registration anymore, this static airframe is quite easy to catch near the fence. (mehr von EC-IDQ)
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OO-DJG SNBA is facing another busy day when the first rays of sun touches part of the fleet. (mehr von OO-DJG)
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OO-DWD Parked on the apron for half an hour after some training flights in poor weather conditions, the sun brightened up things for a moment... enough to catch this "S-bird". (mehr von OO-DWD)
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LZ-SFK As shown on this example...always beware what to expect on a special painted aircraft ! (mehr von LZ-SFK)
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OO-VBR The sole white VEX plane was supposed to leave the fleet in 2002 but now used as back-up till 2005. Behind are two Futura planes operating for TUI Airlines Belgium. (mehr von OO-VBR)
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N8072U Starting a link to BRU back in December 1983, it would last some 10 years when all services to Europe were suspended. (mehr von N8072U)
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CH-05 Open door at Melsbroek celebrating 20 years of Hercules operations in the squadron. CH-05 received a special jacket. Festivities were repeated in 2002 and the Herc will normally go strong for another 10 years. (mehr von CH-05)


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PH-DDS Snapped seconds before touch down on a training flight. Sadly this beauty left Europe. (mehr von PH-DDS)
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9Q-CKI My first visit to OST Airport, when the terras was still open. Unaware what to expect, there were two cargo aircraft on the apron of former Zare. The Lukim Air titles were strangly enough only painted on the inside of the cargodoor. (mehr von 9Q-CKI)
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New tower to be operational by the end of 2004.
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UR-64460 After running engines for 5 minutes "the beast" departed producing a little dust storm. (mehr von UR-64460)
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UR-64460 The sign on the road says enough, nowadays sitting harmless in Speyer. (mehr von UR-64460)
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TF-ELQ Dusk at Brussels. The Islandsflug plane operating for TNT Airways is being prepared bound for Italy. (mehr von TF-ELQ)
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EL-AJO The LWA DC-8s were for 14 years a common sight at OST, ending in 2001. (mehr von EL-AJO)
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OO-SGA "Aunt Agatha" was supposed to become a restaurant but transportation was sadly impossible, so it was cut into pieces in December 1994 after 94.794 hours of flying. (mehr von OO-SGA)
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OO-SGA This ultimate shot of "aunt Agatha" was taken five days before retirement. (mehr von OO-SGA)
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OE-LEC Leased for six months from Tyrolean, it was only used on the twice daily ANR-LHR-ANR route. (mehr von OE-LEC)
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LZ-BTG Holding point to runway 02 was a magnificent spot for photographers. Lining up after the Balkan are: 4x Sabena B737s, 1x Olympic B727 and 1x Cubana IL62. (mehr von LZ-BTG)
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OO-DWH Quite times for the SNBA Avro's on a typical Saturday evening. (mehr von OO-DWH)