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D2-TEK In storage with wheel covers close to the Dreamlifter Operations Center at Paine Field, it will be another 3.5 months before this new B777 with its striking livery is delivered to TAAG as their eighth and newest aircraft in the fleet. She is named Morro do Moco after the highest mountain in Angola. (mehr von D2-TEK)
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VT-IJU On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as 6E6248 from Guwahati. (mehr von VT-IJU)
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VT-IJI On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as 6E5326 from Mumbai. (mehr von VT-IJI)
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61-131 Type 52 on display in the World War II Aviation exhibition at NASM. This Mitsubishi-built Zero with tail code 61-108 was captured along with other aircraft at Aslito on Saipan in June 1944. It was shipped to the USA for evaluation, assigned the code TAIC7 and named Tokyo Rose. It has been restored in the markings of the 261st Kokutai known as the Tora (Tiger) unit, established in June 1943 and sent to Saipan in Feb. 1944. (mehr von 61-131)
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VT-IUW On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as 6E6339 from Bangalore. (mehr von VT-IUW)
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VT-CIE On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as AI-525 from Hyderabad. (mehr von VT-CIE)
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VT-BDQ Vision XI on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as BZ102 from Delhi. Six of the type makes up Blue Dart’s fleet. This aircraft started its service as a Boeing 757-28A with Icelandair. After passing through several airlines, she was converted to a freighter by Precision Conversions in 2013. She has retained her quiet and efficient 189.2 kN Rolls Royce RB211-535E4 turbofans through the conversion. (mehr von VT-BDQ)
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A6-ECC EK570 on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning from Dubai. (mehr von A6-ECC)
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VT-TNZ New A320 on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as UK771 from Mumbai arrives in the morning. Vistara’s latest addition to its current fleet of 32 A320s was delivered on 6 Oct. 2020. (mehr von VT-TNZ)
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VT-JXB Arrival at CSMIA on a cloudy morning. (mehr von VT-JXB)
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G-LFVB The modern fire tender in the background is the most apparent giveaway seven decades later. City of Winnipeg comes in for a smooth landing at the end of Duxford Autumn Airshow 2013. Built in 1942, she has seven confirmed kills, making her one of the top scoring survivors. Six kills were scored with No. 501 (County of Gloucester) Sqn, after which the Spitfire joined No. 19 Sqn. and moved to No. 402 Sqn. RCAF in April 1944. (mehr von G-LFVB)
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F-AZYS Taxiing in after its display at Flying Legends 2011. This radar-equipped Corsair was delivered to Argentine Naval Aviation and equipped 2da Escuadrilla Aeronaval operating on board ARA Independencia. Bought by a French owner, it was formerly painted as an Aeronavale 14.F Flotilla F4U-7. The Corsair now wears the markings of VMF(N)-513 Flying Nightmares operating as night fighters from Pusan during the Korean War. (mehr von F-AZYS)


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N405KZ Morning arrival at Narita, ex JA05KZ. (mehr von N405KZ)
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VT-MXF Cardamom going nowhere for the moment. (mehr von VT-MXF)
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F-1160 On display at Museum Pusat TNI-AU Dirgantara Mandala. This aircraft was delivered to Skadron Udara 11 in 1961. During the 1960s, the squadron took part in Op. Trikora and Op. Dwikora. Most Soviet-origin aircraft were grounded in 1969 from a lack of spares due to the Soviet arms embargo and retired in 1970. (mehr von F-1160)
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G-CVIX Holding the nose high as the worlds last flying Sea Vixen touches down on the active at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2013. The raw power from the pair of 50 kN Avon RA.24R Mk.208 engines said it all. She was delivered in Dec. 1963 to 899 NAS, which carried the mailed fist emblem. A total of 150 Sea Vixens were built, and FAW.2 differed externally from FAW.1 by its enlarged tailbooms. (mehr von G-CVIX)
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TT-1015 On display at Museum Pusat TNI-AU Dirgantara Mandala. The emblems of Skadron Udara 3, 1 and 21 are visible under the cockpit. Thirteen Broncos operated from 1976-2007 and were used in COIN operations. These aircraft differed from the US versions by mounting 4 x 12.7mm MGs instead of 7.62mm guns. (mehr von TT-1015)
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VT-SZF Cassia turning onto Rwy 27 for departure in the morning. Newly delivered to SpiceJet on 26 June 2013, the aircraft stayed in service for a short period till 25 Dec. 2014, whence it returned to GECAS after lease and went on to become B-6991 with 9 Air in 2016. (mehr von VT-SZF)
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HL8061 Taxiing out for departure on picturesque Jeju island. (mehr von HL8061)
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2214 Flying over the sea near Pattaya. This helicopter belongs to 202 Sqn. Kaben based at Rayong U-Tapao. (mehr von 2214)
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V642 Bird of metal at Lucknow Zoo. Rajhans is one of two Tu-124K survivors. The other aircraft, Rajdoot is at IAF Museum Palam. The third aircraft, Pushpaka was lost with the cockpit crew in a landing accident at Jorhat on 4 Nov. 1977 that had the PM on board. The Tu-124K served with Air HQ Communication Sqn. from 1966-84. One could see them operate frequently at Palam. (mehr von V642)
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40204 On display at the Royal Thai Air Force Museum. Three of these aircraft served with 402 Sqn. RTAF from 1981-2015. (mehr von 40204)
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54-1626 Prototype Spectre gunship that was converted under Project Gunship II at Wright-Patterson AFB. It carried four 20mm cannon and four 7.62mm multi-barrel guns, used in a 30-degree left bank at night. This AC-130 was sent to Nha Trang AFB in Vietnam on Sept. 21, 1967 for a 90-day test. Other Spectres of 16th SOS based at Ubon flew interdiction missions along the Ho Chi Ming Trail from 1968 onward, destroying many trucks. (mehr von 54-1626)
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HL8314 Newly delivered aircraft turning off the active on pituresque Jeju Island. (mehr von HL8314)
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IN617 Wonderful gesture by the Indian Navy to mount the iconic Sea Harrier in a park facing the sea at Bandra. This Sea Harrier was flown by INAS 300 White Tigers. The Sea Harrier served the Indian Navy from 1983-2016. (mehr von IN617)