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JA704J JAL joined Oneworld at Apr.1.2007. So they introduce Oneworld special marking aircraft to compete with ANA's Staralliance. I hope another Oneworld members will follow this special marking on their aircraft. (mehr von JA704J)
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G-BNLJ I was lost its first visited for Narita, because it came before news that added Dreamflight 20 logo. So I deeply appreciated for BA to give us the second time visit for Narita. (mehr von G-BNLJ)
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HL7597 First visited Narita at one day after her appearance. Departing Narita at evening on her way for Seoul. (mehr von HL7597)
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B-6259 It's a little surprise for us China Eastern`s 100th Airbus first visited Narita on MU272 for Beijing. (mehr von B-6259)
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G-BNLS Narita`s enthusiasts are welcome to Dreamflight 2005, because we couldn't collect Dreamflight 2004 at Narita. I think this titles are slightly colorful than past one. (mehr von G-BNLS)
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SP-LPB Aircalin temporary uses this 767 on lease from LOT on their KIX route. (mehr von SP-LPB)
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D-AIGS Used for the first flight with football nose. It used for transport FC Bayern Munchen to the Pre-Season match in Japan. Arrived Narita after sunset. (mehr von D-AIGS)
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JA8266 JALs Boeing 767 Yokoso Japan doesnt operate so meny time in good condition afternoon at Narita. (mehr von JA8266)
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N767KS I couldnt imagine it can fly direct to Sultanate of Oman. Because I have less chance to see visitors from the Middle East at Narita. (mehr von N767KS)
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JA8664 Spring comes slowly, and daytime grows little by little. So I could take photo that ANAs Boeing 767 Yokoso Japan departed at evening. (mehr von JA8664)
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C-GBZR I often missed her and didnt see Star Alliance C-FMWY at Narita because of late arrival after sunset or contrary to my job. Why Air Canada use special markings on flight AC1 many times? I hope to see them on AC3. (mehr von C-GBZR)
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C-FMWY I was surprised I saw Air Canada Star Alliance on flight AC3 only after two days since uploading my ACs Free Sprit photo. A clock on the top of a hotel showed it was half passed 5 PM and just sunset. How many time I can see her before AC changes their summer schedule flight to Airbus A340? This reason made me try 1/60 sec photo. (mehr von C-FMWY)


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N627US Boeing 747-200 new color first visited Narita at FEB,8 as NW007D from Seattle. This day it operated Guam route. (mehr von N627US)
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D-ABTH Naritas enthusiasts often saw Lufthansas Star Alliance color scheme in Winter. When I saw it, it made me feel European Winter. (mehr von D-ABTH)
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ZK-SUJ I missed several times to take photos for Lord of the Rings special aircraft in Dec,2003. At last I meet it on a fine evening at Narita. (mehr von ZK-SUJ)
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PH-BFD KLM brought us a little surprise that they increas so many Swan color scheme. Still more in KLM asia. (mehr von PH-BFD)
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HB-IWK SWISS MD11 was replaced for Airbus A340 at autumn 2003. So we can not see that SWISS MD11's brought such a condensation spectacle again at Narita. (mehr von HB-IWK)
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RA-85676 Tu-154M visited Narita for winter chartered flight. Narita's many enthusiasts hope Vladivostok Air start regular service to Narita by Russian aircraft. (mehr von RA-85676)
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RA-85843 First visited Narita. It brought Narita's many enthusiasts surprise. (mehr von RA-85843)
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XU-123 Visited Narita for winter chartered flight. This time it weared One-Two-GO title and added 'Operated by Kampuchea Airlines' title on the fuselage. (mehr von XU-123)
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JA8582 JAL painted their MD11 into new color for the first time. All MD11 enthusiasts, thanks for your waiting since JAL unveil their new color about one year ago. (mehr von JA8582)
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LV-OOZ 'Pentacampeon 2003' visited Narita. Congratulations for Boca Juniors to win Toyota European/South American Cup at 2003. (mehr von LV-OOZ)
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JA8906 JAL 744 added special marking in celebration of 2003 Japanese baseball Central League champion 'Hanshin Tigers'. (mehr von JA8906)
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JA8089 JAL 744 added 'Yokoso! Japan' slogan on a fuselage. (mehr von JA8089)
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JA8131 JAL painted this classic passenger 747 into new color for the first time. (mehr von JA8131)