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N775UA Sitting in the grass, listening to the radio, relaxing in the sun, thinking about leaving, and then she comes. My last megabites on the CF, my last shot of the day. YES! New colors in all their beauty! (mehr von N775UA)
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A6-EYB First picture of this airline and this plane on the database. Caught here on this awful day in London, on it's first flight! (mehr von A6-EYB)
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B-2458 YES! 1/45, found my perfect motion blurr settings! Not as windy as yesterday but still some action. (mehr von B-2458)
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G-EUPT Fighting the winds on short finals. Can you see the Captain making the last corrections for the 27L landing? (mehr von G-EUPT)
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AP-BGK YEA, she's having a lot of fun with the crosswind. Compare the direction of the plane with the lights parallel with the runway, then you will see how serious this storm was. I could hardly stand on my ladder, not to speak of taking photos. This is my first day at the airport with my new 10D. I got maybe 5 sharp pics out of 70 because of the wind. For Matthew, thanks for the lens again! (mehr von AP-BGK)
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G-BOAG One for the memories...I'd still loved to sit inside that fokker to get some Heathrow overview shots with Concorde taking off...:( (mehr von G-BOAG)
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N766AN Shiny!! One of AA'S newest Triple Sevens and therefore a really shiny mirror fuelage. I can see the perimeter road in it, and the gras I am standing on! (mehr von N766AN)
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HS-TGO Streeeetching on short finals on this ever so wonderful day in Zurich. What a weather, what a plane! The Dragon Boat is gliding into it's harbour! (mehr von HS-TGO)
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At that time one of the first rotations of a LX 340, accordingly high interest at the Heliport spotters wall. I can see Tobias Rose, Robin (Rotate) and Christian Galliker :)
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D-AISE Early morning arrival. Looking so good with the windows all covered up by the golden summer light! I'm lovin' it! (mehr von D-AISE)
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S7-ASY One Pilot has apperantly lost something in the cockpit, the other is showing off his badge...it is a very special job flying for Air Seychelles. Dream job. (mehr von S7-ASY)
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Lining up at Heathrow with a Air Canada 763 and a Swiss Baby Airbus. Note the BA taking off. Seen from a BA 319 lining up for Zurich.
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View of Heathrows most modern wing...with some nice plane I caught in this shot the first time :)
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JA8193 What a lovely plane from the country I was born - thats why i love this airline. Note the condensating on the wing. This pic made the day!! (mehr von JA8193)