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N767KS together with N737GG, which came from LCA for maintenance at HAITEC. (mehr von N767KS)
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SP-LVB Flight LO179 from Warsaw-Frederic Chopin Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. This is the first time for me to see a 737 MAX live. (mehr von SP-LVB)
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UR-ZYD Amazing takeoff for a very short flight to Lyon! It landed 17 minutes later! (mehr von UR-ZYD)
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HL7792 An Asiana Airbus A330 (HL7792) and a Turkish Airbus A321 (TC-JMM) has been damage in a ground contact accident at Istanbul. The A321 had arrived from Lefkose Ercan as flight TK969 and turned to gate 217. The aircraft stopped about 20-30 meters before the intended parking position at the gate. At the same time the Asiana A330 had started taxi to the runway 35 for flight to Seoul. Asina while taxiing past the A321 the right hand wing tip impacted the vertical stabilizer of TK969. The A321's vertical stabilizer was broken over entirely and the A330's wing tip sustained serious damage. (mehr von HL7792)
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G-ARYC This is the third oldest HS125 built and displayed at the de Havilland Museum. (mehr von G-ARYC)
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SP-RSA first apperance of Ryanair�s new Polish subsidary, Ryanair Sun. (mehr von SP-RSA)
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9H-BRE bringing supporters of Atletico Madrid for the Europaleague final 2018 @ Lyon (mehr von 9H-BRE)