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Newtownards Airfield from Above (Taken from G-CEUF P&M Quik GT450)
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SE-DBS Svipdag Viking was one of 10 DC-9s series -21 ever built. The only order customer for this special type was SAS, which received these planes between December 1968 and May 1969. The Series 20 was developed as a high-performance version of the Series -10 with a larger wingspan and more powerful engines (mehr von SE-DBS)
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SE-IRG Vigge Viking, one of only nine Fokker F27 Friendships, that were operated by SAS Commuter out of Copenhagen. From 1989 onwards SE-IRG was in service with FedEx as a parcel freighter for another twenty years, first operated by British Air Ferries as G-FEAD and from 1992 by Empire Airlines as N741FE (mehr von SE-IRG)
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B-2423 early morning arrival rwy 07R. #20yearsPP (mehr von B-2423)


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I-DAWE Approaching Rwy 35R in the morning of a glorious day in the Lombardy. The cockpit of this aircraft has since been converted into a flight simulator. (mehr von I-DAWE)
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I-VIMQ Looking good against the typical alpine backdrop at Malpensa, arriving onto Rwy 35R. Nowadays stored after stints with Ethiopian and El Al and not being taken up by Condor most recently. (mehr von I-VIMQ)
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