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F-WWFT Scan from slide, The Riplet Flight Test A320 was covered with a foil, that had the structure of shark skin. It was to test, if shark skin rduces the drag of the fuselage as good in the air, as the shaks skin does it under water (mehr von F-WWFT)
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Typical WEF ramp at Zurich, with lots of regular visitors to be seen. Some getting de-iced, some covered under layers of frost.
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D-ABYM Delivered to Lufthansa in 1978 and withdrawn from service in 2001 in the wake of 9-11. Preserved at the Technikmuseum Speyer and mounted on poles in March 2002. (mehr von D-ABYM)
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T-1301 Shiny restored Hercules on display at Museum Pusat TNI-AU Dirgantara Mandala. This Hercules was purchased in 1960 and flew with Skadron Udara 31 from Halim Perdanakusuma AFB. In 1981 it joined Skadron Udara 32 at Abdul Rachman Saleh AFB. It flew its last flight in 1987 and was installed in the museum in 2018. Newly restored F27-400M Troopship T-2707 is the background. (mehr von T-1301)
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D-AZAR One of my personal highlights so far! (mehr von D-AZAR)
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D-ABHR c/n 22141 l/n 795. Built in 1981. "Darmstadt" (mehr von D-ABHR)
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D-AGWN Corona storage at DTM (mehr von D-AGWN)
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CS-TKN Descending into Lisbon during sunset, arriving from Lajes. (mehr von CS-TKN)