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157307 c/n 4018 is diplayed in VFMA-232 squadron marks, her last unit, but has a Mig Kill star on her intake after this aircraft shot down an NVA Mig-21 on 21/06/1972 whilst operating from USS Saratoga with VF-31 Squadron as an F-4B
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NX211 This is the original "Spirit of St Louis", not a replica such as displayed at other mueums (more of NX211)
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NC19903 c/n 2003. On display at the Smithsonian Museum Udvar Center at Washington Dulles. This is the last remaining Boeing 307 of 10 built. (more of NC19903)
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47 c/n 1600228 was the last Seiran built and the only survivor of this Japanese Navy submarine based float plane. Allied forces discovered it in the remains of the Aichi factory. Her restoration finished in 2000
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240102 c/n A-02 coded VG+PH. She was built at Dornier's Rechlin-Oberpfaffenhofen plant on April 16, 1945 and captured by Allied forces on April 22, 1945. Given to the Museum in 1961. She was put on static display at the 1976 Hannover Airshow, and then loaned to the Deutsches Museum in Munich untill returned to the U.S. In 1986.
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157307 c/n 4018 is diplayed in VFMA-232 squadron marks, her last unit, but has a Mig Kill star on her intake after this aircraft shot down an NVA Mig-21 on 21/06/1972 whilst operating from USS Saratoga with VF-31 Squadron as an F-4B.
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33-135 c/n 1911 entered service with the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1934. It was given to the Guatemalan AF in late 1942 and retired in 1954. In 1957 she was donated to the Smithsonian Institution. She was restored by the U.S. Air Force and is displayed in the colours of the 34th Attack Squadron. (more of 33-135)
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3022 This 'Yellow Peril' entered service on August 19, 1941 with the US Navy. On June 13, 1946, she was converted to a float plane and in 1960 she went from storage to the National Air Museum. Until 2002, the NASM had the N3N on loan to the Naval Academy, where it hung above the ice rink.
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N9325 c/n 341 was built in June 1929 and retired in 1987. Was registerd G-AARO 1979-1983 before re-sale to the U.S. (more of N9325)
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140312 She is the sole surviving example of an Ar 234 anywhere in the world, but was was one of nine Ar 234s surrendered to British forces at Sola airfield near Stavanger, Norway whilst operating with 9/KG 76. Now beautifully displayed in 8./KG 76 markings.
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931884 This aircraft flew first as a Fw 190A-7 fighter but Focke-Wulf later rebuilt it as a F-8 ground-attack fighter-bomber. The aircraft manufacturer's data plate found inside the fuselage indicated that its first Werk-Nummer was 640069. Infrared photographs of the aircraft's vertical stabilizer revealed that after rebuild it was assigned the new Werk-Nummer 931 884. Restoration finished in 1983. The markings are for SG 2 (Schlagtgeschwader 2) 'White 7' during October 1944.
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N275DP c/n LJ-34, ex N1920H and N10LE she has a TT of 7164.5 Hrs and is well preserved. (more of N275DP)
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61064 c/n 75-5186 is ex 42-17023 and is preserved in excellent condition.
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N1048N This P-40E did not serve in the U. S. Built in Buffalo, New York, she was delivered to Canada as a Kittyhawk IA on 11/03/1941. Declared surplus on 27/07/1946, the aircraft eventually returned to the U.S. in 1964. The Exchange Club in Meridian donated the Kittyhawk IA to the Museum in memory of Mr. Kellis Forbes, and a U.S.A.F. Reserve crew airlifted the fighter to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on 13/03/1964 where it was restored in 1975 and painted it to represent an aircraft of the 75th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group, 14th Air Force. (more of N1048N)
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8103/18 c/n 135 was used on the Western Front from 1918 as a ground attach aircraft and escort fighter. This example was built under license by L.F.G. (Roland), making it very rare and valuable and was fully restored in 1991
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N8FE c/n 199 looks very smart in her FedEx colours with Concorde F-BVFA as a back drop. (more of N8FE)
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N1538C c/n 30278 , named Spirit of Colombus, was the aircraft used in 1964 by Jerrie Mock to become the first women to fly solo around the world (more of N1538C)
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LF686 Built at the Langley factory, near Slough (just six miles from what is now LHR), early in 1944. It was with No. 5 MU, No. 41 OTU. and the number 5270M, on June 27, 1945 as a training airframe.at Chilbolton and then Bridgenorth.as a gate guard. In 1969 the aircraft moved to the US for restoration and display. (more of LF686)
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53-5226 A very nice example of this beautiful jet. Painted in DC ANG colors (more of 53-5226)
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A7114 Painted in USMC 6 (Fighter) Sq colors. The FB series of fighters were built during the mid 1920s and used by the USN and USM. The FB-5 was the major production model and the first true carrier-borne fighter built by Boeing. (more of A7114)
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N4123A painted to represent the aircraft flown by First Lieutenant James A. Meissner of the 94th Aero Squadron, U.S.A.S., a/c serial number 6144 coded White 8. This is a composite of at least five different aircraft. The museum believes the components came from the 76 aircraft operated by the U.S. Army in the 1920s and is a post WW1 example (more of N4123A)