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PP-VPY New paint scheme on Varig´s fleet celebrating World Cup 2006! I like it! (more of PP-VPY)
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PP-VPY New paint scheme on Varig´s fleet celebrating World Cup 2006! I like it! (more of PP-VPY)
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PR-OAK Brand new Fokker 100 (or like Oceanair call it, Mk-28) arriving in Congonhas about 4PM. Ex-N1435D with American Airlines, stocked at Mojave since Sep 2003 with 25.464 hours of flight and 17.770 cycles. In February 1st 2005 it was sold to Synergy Group and in October it flew from Mojave to Tulsa to be configured to Oceanair and painted as well. FF 11/3/92. First photo in DB of this acft and Oceanair new colors as well. Oh, and also my first photo of 2006 in DB :-) (more of PR-OAK)
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F-GITI For an ISO400 Sony Cybershot picture, it´s not that bad.. Air France being towed. (more of F-GITI)
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PP-SNN ,PP-SNL and PP-SMU. Sad view of these birds.. (more of PP-SNN)
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PP-SMS What someday was an airline... very sad. (more of PP-SMS)
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PR-MAD Taxing to the assigned gate while another TAM Airbus lands on runway 35R. (more of PR-MAD)
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PR-GLD Landing in runway 35, reverse and speedbrakes on. (more of PR-GLD)
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D-ABTA The king of the skies taxing to runway 27R. (more of D-ABTA)
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N353AA Americans being prepared to their flight back home[Canon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT - ENEAv 2005] (more of N353AA)
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C-FXCA Air Canada n/c at night.Photo taken during a pizza session with another 20 spotters[Canon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT - ENEAv 2005] (more of C-FXCA)
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PT-MVC MaViCa at night wearing new colors,with another 4 TAM in the same shot,including a pushbacking F-100 on the right.[Canon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT - ENEAv 2005] (more of PT-MVC)
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PT-MQL Night Fokker landing @ GRU[ENEAv 2005] (more of PT-MQL)
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N643UA United n/c at night[Canon EOS 350D - Digital Rebel XT - ENEAv 2005] (more of N643UA)
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EC-IZX "Mariano Benlliure"Taxing to runway 27R[ENEAv 2005] (more of EC-IZX)
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PP-LBO What´s left of this ex-RAM acft.Also you can see a Skymaster 707,a VASP A300B2,a TCB DC-8 and another Skymaster 707. (more of PP-LBO)
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CP-2391 Now this same acft is at POA in a check D and it´ll receive the new colors. (more of CP-2391)
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CP-2377 Aerosur being towed to a remote position ´cause it´ll only fly to VVI in the following morning. (more of CP-2377)
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PR-BRW When this pic was taken BRW wasn´t even flying yet,it was beeing painted and configured. (more of PR-BRW)