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EC-HPU Lined up runway 36L, waiting for the take off clearance. What a feeling being there... (more of EC-HPU)
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EC-HPU Before my flight to Santo Domingo after a wonderful holidays in Spain. Thaks to all my friends who have enjoyed as much as me those Christmas days in Madrid. We were waiting for some PAX in connection from Palma de Mallorca. Flight was delayed due to Low Visibility Procedures (more of EC-HPU)
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EC-DDV Accident? no! This aircraft is near Barajas perimetrer. After a long live flying for Iberia, this classic rest before a new live. The live of coke cans... (more of EC-DDV)
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EC-DDV It makes me feeling bad... this GREAT airplane at this conditions, sold as something that dont have more use than make it coke cans... Photo dedicated to all people that have flying THE CLASSIC. (more of EC-DDV)
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EC-IPN First Class in the Upper Deck. I would not be confortable here... you dont have the feeling of flying in a Jumbo, dont you think? (more of EC-IPN)
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EC-IPN Thanks to my friend for allow me take this picture... (more of EC-IPN)
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Overflying SDQ with a beauty right here, the Iberia's 340-600. This aircraft had some engine no 1 problems in SJU, but with a delay of 211 minutes, the crew flew to SDQ, where finally he rest in AOG. Thanks Javi Lopez for the info! You can see an American Airlines 767-300, Air Santo Domingo 727, Aeromar 737-200 and a C-17.
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HI-758CT Taking off with a non-usual black paint. Photo taken before my training flight on board a Cessna 150. (more of HI-758CT)
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N23045 On its morning dialy flight to San Juan de Puerto Rico. (more of N23045)
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EC-HKS Final approach! My family was watching my aircraft landing from the airport´s higway! (more of EC-HKS)
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EC-HKS First Officer to Capt. : Are you sure we have to land today in Santo Domingo? Dont you prefer other airport? (more of EC-HKS)
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EC-HKS Woops! Take it easy man! We have several clouds right here... (more of EC-HKS)
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EC-HKS While I was enjoynig a cup of coffe having this view of the Atlantic Ocean... listening good music... Club Business... Is needed more to reach the paradise? (more of EC-HKS)
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EC-HKS After take off. Good bye Spain! (more of EC-HKS)
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EC-HKS Just before of my flight to Santo Domingo. (more of EC-HKS)
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- This is the firefighters of Punta Cana International Airport.... Once you arrive to this airport, you feel in paradise.
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Beauty aircraft... This airport (Herrera International) is used for domestic flights and private flights in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Also is used for flights to the capital of Haiti (Port au Prince) Puerto Rico and other two destination inside PR island that I dont remember...
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EC-575 TCAS ALERT! Watch the great "red point" in the Navigation Display. I wish you were here... you only listen "Traffic conflict, traffic conflict! "what a wonderful machine is A320... Go ahead Airbus! (more of EC-575)
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EC-HQN "Luisa Carvajal y Mendoza" What a BIG machine!! this is the newest simulator in Iberia´s fleet. Almost 3 month old. (more of EC-HQN)
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EC-575 Captain seat is free... dont you want to take off? After this photo, I sat there!! and a friend took a photo to myself :-D i couldn´t resist... (more of EC-575)
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Inside of a classic B747-200 simulator at Iberia sim center!! This simulator only reproduce the night. The software is not able to reproduce more than runway and city lights! Remember that this simulator have almost 30 years.
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Two of three Iberia 320´s simulators in "La Muńoza" industrial center. Here there are 3 sims of Airbus 320, and one of A340-300, B747-200, and MD
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EC-575 Final check list completed. We are on short final for runway 30 at Valencia airport, at 250ft from ground whith a crosswind of 15 knots, autobrake is in MED mode, full flaps. Engine #1 have been shutted down due to a fire after V1. What an amazing experience being here... This IS a simulator!! FS2002 (?) What is this? (more of EC-575)