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4X-EBS Grey day in CGN but not often in CGN and note the 2000-markings. Paperfilmscan. (mehr von 4X-EBS)
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G-ZAPM The beginnings of Titan, here in the first livery. Kodachrome 64 slidescan. (mehr von G-ZAPM)
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C-GNDN Rain, but the position is nice. Better light than before. (mehr von C-GNDN)
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TC-JVY Storm "Eberhard" made swinging approaches and sometimes a dark sky. (mehr von TC-JVY)
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G-BFMC Flying regularly from Monday until Friday the employees of Ford between STN and CGN. The crying sound of the engine start was unforgettable. Kodachrome 25 slidescan. (mehr von G-BFMC)
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N863FD with an AN-124 during touch down RWY 32R in the background (mehr von N863FD)
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LY-AAY One of the many airlines who came only a short time to CGN. Here the cute Yak 40. Paperfilmscan. (mehr von LY-AAY)